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National Law Firm Speaker and Writer Uri Gutfreund, of Risk Strategies, invites you to join us for five 30-minute action packed sessions as we discuss best practices that will help you better grow and manage your firm. Learn from industry experts what works and what doesn’t work in today’s leading law firms. Event Details Wednesday, […]

June 25, 2015Today, the Supreme Court issued its opinion in King v. Burwell, the case challenging the availability of subsidies in health insurance Exchanges run by the federal government. In a 6-3 decision, the Court upheld the availability of subsidies in both state and federal Exchanges. The Court rejected the argument that the language of […]

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This month’s issue includes information on the flu vaccine, tips to reduce food waste, how to pack a healthy work lunch, a vegetable chili recipe and David Singer’s monthly blog from SixSimpleRules.

This month’s Personal View looks at the importance of cleaning your gutters, how to select the right car seat for your child, and how modern conveniences can put your car at risk.

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